Sugar House

Greater Sugar House is composed of a few small neighborhoods namely: 9th and 9th, Harvard/Yale, Lower Sugar House, Upper Sugar House, Highland park and the Country Club. Some of these little nooks are home to the most expensive PRICE per FOOT real estate in Salt Lake City. Homes are generally a bit smaller in this area by footage and lot size but they make up for size in character. Buyers are known to pay top dollar for quaint Tudor style homes built in the early 1900’s in these areas. Residents love the area for its walkability to restaurants and it’s neighborhood feel yet close proximity to downtown. This area all sits in the Sale Lake School District.

The average home price in 2011 is $362,993 with most desirable homes in the area ranging from $450k-$1 million for upper range luxury homes. High sale this year for 2015 was $1,160,000. Sugar House is also known for the award winning schools both public and private. The 9th and 9th area is becoming a hot spot for a local sandwich, fresh coffee and even a local arts theater.

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