Salt Lake Country Club

This neighborhood was briefly mentioned in the greater Sugar House area but is so nice we should talk about it more. Home to Salt Lake City’s most exclusive private golf course The County Club is known for its beautiful homes. Here you are also in the Sale Lake School District. In 2015 the high sale in this area so far is $1,295,000.

The average priced home goes for $449,545 so far this year and the size is around 3000 feet. Of the 61 sales that have happened in the Salt lake County Club this year 4 of them have been the Utah Cribs Team buyers and all 4 LOVE their new homes. It is possible to get a larger lot in this area. It’s as close as it gets to downtown living with larger lots and a suburban feel. The commute times are really the same as the greater Sugar House area since this is just an annex neighborhood of that area. In the Country Club you just pay a little more money for larger homes, lots and prime location with views. Not such a bad thing though to pay a little more for the home when this area has fared one of the best in the entire city when it comes to holding and appreciating real estate values.

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